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About Colour Me Live

I have always been a creative person, being involved in music, drama and performing ever since I was in school. Starting with children’s entertainment back in Brazil in 2000 when body paint products where not as developed into cosmetics as they are now.

Since 2009 I have been professionally entertaining at thousands of events, children’s birthday parties, council events, corporate functions, sporting events you name it!

I have had the opportunity to be trained by international artists such as Nick Wolfe, Josh Counsel, Yolanda Bartram to name a few. Our artists and entertainers have professional training and a variety of skills to amaze you.

By collaborating and creating with you to achieve an amazing experience for you and your guests, is what we specialise in doing.

We continue to improve our skills to stay up to date with industry standards and to deliver excellent service for any event, so stay tuned for the new trends!

Maria Solano 

Head Artist/Creative director